This stool is available in two sizes.
low 45 cm height
high stool approximately 75 cm height

steel, oak, Opus Caementitium


Opus Caementitium is the Roman equivalent to our modern concrete.
While I was working with concrete for the Heavy Light Weight Collection I came across this ancient material through my research.
The ancient Romans used volcanic materials such as lava, pumice stone, volcanic ash & sand together with a binding agent & most probably different other ingredients that are unknown. However the recipe got lost. It is also very probable that their recipe needed refinement and changed depending on the resources that were available.

The most striking fact about their material that there are still intact buildings made with that material. Pont du Gard and many parts of the Colosseum have been build with Opus C. to name very famous ones.
Concrete nowadays is considered a very strong and sophisticated material that makes modern architecture possible.
But when I heard and read of that ancient material I felt an emptiness and pity that their recipe got lost. Somehow Opus C. is tougher, more durable than our modern material. This material is ancient because we forgot how to use, apply & mix it.

The ingredients and the binder of Opus C. formed a very strong chemical connection. Above all the volcanic material, which itself is not homogeneous, has a very good tendency to form alkaline bindings that make are also very important to our modern concrete.

In homage to the ancient Roman I started mixing Portland cement, which functions as my basic binding agent, with volcanic ash, pumice stone and sand until I found a comparably tough mixture.

Afterwards I applied it to the Heavy Light Weight Collection which I developed & am constantly developing with my friend and colleague Dik Scheepers.

I would not dare to claim to have found a comparably strong mixture but using it makes a strong statement.
I actually believe that our modern existence is overrated. The ancient Opus C. in fact is an existing proof of the idea that our modern achievements are not necessarily better than old ones.
The Opus C. stools gave me the chance to transform this idea into form and shape.
We are often so exhausted by searching and striving for the newest and best and we overseeing the good simple things until we forget them.
I hope I can conceal a little part of this ancient secret in my work.

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