“The Bears” is a public play-sculpture placed in a park in Maastricht (NL).
It manifests itself as an artistic approach for a playground with a history.
Long story short:
Until mid nineties there was a cage with bears on display for the public near the playground, where the “Bears” are located now.
This awful enclosure has been abolished but the memory for the tragic stars, the bears, remained.
“The Bears” show a mother with its young. The mother pointing towards the original location of the enclosure. The shape of the bears is itself a cage using a tabular frame which can be used to climb and play.

This project was a postgraduate cooperation with Academy of Fine Arts Maatrsicht, Department Product design and the municipality of Maastricht.
Designers Involved:
Albertine Van Iterson, Jessica Bala, Dik Scheepers & Marco Iannicelli
Spereco NL

material: Stainless steel (powdercoated), concrete, shock absorbing artificial grass field.
year: 2011

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