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Cadaveri Eccellenti


We are Cadaveri Eccellenti, the exquisite corpse

Shared ideas by my colleague Marco Lanzoni and me finally merged by choosing the surrealist game “cadavre exquis”, exquisite corpses as method of collaboration.
Following the example of the French surrealists of the past we created rules and each of us started working on a piece.
Like the predecessors we exchanged our works and let the other finalise it.
This gave us a moment of surprise, allowed us to unfold our minds and skills on a given yet unfinished piece of art.
The intention was born in the game. In the very process both of us makers discovered numerous layers and understood that what we are doing has more depth to it than what meets the eye.
One convergence of our contemporary living and the Cadaver Eccellenti is our social network.
Like giving an unfinished piece out of hand we aswell give away a lot of personal information, inspiration, opinions and ideas – to unknown people and to unknown purposes.
A strong process of depersonalisation has become a part of our personal lives.

Yet the idea of Cadaveri Eccellenti gave Marco Lanzoni and me a modus operandi to collaborate freely with each other over quite a big distance, thus turning the distance into our personal freedom.