11.2011 | Won the award “Kultur- und Kreativpilot Deutschland”; a title awarded by the German federal government’s Ministry of Economy and Technology to reward efforts in the intersection between creativity and economy



2.2011-9.2011 | Awarded personal stipend “Creative Drive”, given to creative individual to further the growth of cross-border creative industries in the German/Dutch/Belgian ‘Euregion’


Academic Education:

9.2007-6.2010 | Bachelor of Arts in product design

8.2009-12.2009 | Internship at Atelier Remy&Veenhuizen

9.2006-6.2007 | Foundation/propedeutic year

9.2004-3.2006 | Study of Roman & English linguistics with Psychology


Marco Iannicelli is an independent product design artist.

His studio was established in 2010, immediately following his graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht (Netherlands).

Although he successfully develops experimental projects, he thrives in creative interaction. He has collaborated with fellow designers throughout his career thus far.

His style heavily elaborates on extreme material contrasts expressed through friction between simple or archaic forms in movement.
The tension field between natural shapes and industrial lines lends particular inspiration. Challenges in marrying the two in functional forms that retain the integrity of both the natural and the refined also help him skirt that which is merely decorative.

His skill has taken him to a multitude of national & international exhibitions and continues to earn him coverage in relevant media, including designboom, Der Spiegel Online and a cover story and interview for Ingenuity Magazine, China.

Additionally, he has won national German design and creativity awards such as the stipend “Creative Drive” and the title“Kultur- und Kreativpilot Deutschland”, awarded by the German Ministry of Economy and Technology.