publication: Marie Claire maison

Marco Iannicelli is proud about the recent coverage in the December issue of french Marie Claire.
Many thanks go particularly to our client Sacha Walckhoff.

Interview by: ‘common knowledge’

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am 31 year old, I studied at the academy formerly known as, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Maastricht (ABKM) graduating as a product designer.
My parents are Italian but I was born in Germany. I grew up in bilingual space, which was a great enrichment for my every day life.

What would you consider your distinctive achievement?
Once I’ve got someone out of prison. All on a legal way, of course, which was a great achievement. Due to my freelance work as a translator for German police. My graduation, is also an achievement for me. Every new project, sale, gallery, or exhibition represents a small success.

What are the qualities needed to be a cultural entrepreneur ?
Eventually you need to know some Italian…. You need perseverance, never give up, and try to always go on. Especially we need to be patient as we learnt during the last edition of Common Knowledge. I think this is very important.

What are you looking forward to?
In short term I am looking forward to present a new product and I would like to see the reactions of the public. It will be brilliant if it will be a great success. Soon, I will show this new product for the first time, in Italy, during the Fuori Salone, with Tutto Bene, in Zona Tortona.
In long term, I want to be successful.

Which advice would you give to the other professionals?
Sometimes people pretend to know better than you what is good or right, especially when you are uncertain. Listen to your gut feeling. Gut feeling is like a good ‘compass’ in your hand, when there is no one to show you the way. Nonetheless it is always important to still rely on other people, but in doubt listen to your instinct!

What are the challenges that we need to overcome to make ‘cultural entrepreneurship’ more accessible?
You need to overcome ignorance. Cultural entrepreneurship is a great enrichment but on the other hand, I have to adopt the role of the “advocates diaboli”, by saying that cultural entrepreneurship is not for everyone. The people who work in the field, have to pursue, to continue and get attention. Sometimes the challenges pop up. You need to get them, recognize them.

Thanks Marco!

Many Thanks go to Jessica Capra for this nice interview!