shoe rack

An elegant furniture for everyday use.

this shoe rack is light in structure and each plateau nearly floats in air.
The design is juxtaposing symmetry and asymmetry.
This shoe rack has no defined front-, back-, up and down side.
The form is strict yet playful.

Material: pure oak
Size: width: 84 cm, height: 65 cm, depth: 35 cm
other sizes and materials on request


One piece

consisting of many

always united

never apart


for itself


Material: Fagus Sylvatica (beech)
Year: 2020


“Waldluft” is part of my Solo Exhibition in 2019 called ‘A Forest’ held at ‘Gravieranstalt’ in Aachen, Germany.
Waldluft can be translated with ‘forest breeze’.

Waldluft is a polygon structure with a triangular composition. The three ventilators in the structure create a buoyancy and lift up a dried maple leaf.

The leaf is held in place by three thin strings while the ventilators are turning. Yet the leaf can easily fall being disturbed by turbulence caused by opening doors, people moving around it or even by talking in its presence.
Consequently the balance and the uplift are fragile conditions.

The beauty of the dancing leaf in the air is something I observed in the garden of my studio.
There is a beautiful maple tree which actually donated the leaf for ‘Waldluft’. I was inspired in autumn 2018 as one of its leaves was dancing in the air.

Waldluft becomes automatically part of its’ environment and interacts with everybody and everything that influences the air stream.
I think this is a very important symbolism that entails how we may interact with nature in order to keep it in balance.
Simply by leaving it by itself and avoiding any disturbance. Our interactions with nature can be compared to the condition of a wound that heals much slower because it is consistently touched.

This consequently means that we need to reduce our disturbing interference with nature and stop the uncontrollable growth of our economy. It is time to use and reuse the resources we already exploited rather than exploiting even more.

Materials: Wood: MDF & Plywood, ventilators, nylon strings, dried maple leaf, white colour
Year: 2019

pictures by irrmischer


A Maze

A Maze

„A Maze“ is the world’s first both analogue and electric gaming console in marble.
Steer the ball through the maze with a thought-out mechanism.

Labyrinths, in the classical sense, have no wrong turns and lead around the goal until you finally reach it.

„A Maze“, though has no goal.
The labyrinth is made up of seven concentric rings that are linked together in such a way that there is no end and therefore no beginning.
The number seven is of great importance, because the seven is considered a mystical number but also plays an important role in our psyche and in our daily lives.
For one thing, our lives are focused on a 7-day week, and we have „Miller’s number Seven +/- 2” in memory psychology. Miller’s number explains that we can only keep 7 chunks of information simultaneously in our short term memory.

There is so much more to „A Maze“, with the concept of seven shaping the labyrinth itself, than could be put across by this brief introductory text.

Just experience it yourself.

pictures by irrmischer


Cadaveri Eccellenti

We are Cadaveri Eccellenti, the exquisite corpse

Shared ideas by my colleague Marco Lanzoni and me finally merged by choosing the surrealist game “cadavre exquis”, exquisite corpses as method of collaboration.
Following the example of the French surrealists of the past we created rules and each of us started working on a piece.
Like the predecessors we exchanged our works and let the other finalise it.
This gave us a moment of surprise, allowed us to unfold our minds and skills on a given yet unfinished piece of art.
The intention was born in the game. In the very process both of us makers discovered numerous layers and understood that what we are doing has more depth to it than what meets the eye.
One convergence of our contemporary living and the Cadaver Eccellenti is our social network.
Like giving an unfinished piece out of hand we aswell give away a lot of personal information, inspiration, opinions and ideas – to unknown people and to unknown purposes.
A strong process of depersonalisation has become a part of our personal lives.

Yet the idea of Cadaveri Eccellenti gave Marco Lanzoni and me a modus operandi to collaborate freely with each other over quite a big distance, thus turning the distance into our personal freedom.

Concrete Stool

Each stool is custom made and each seating is individually moulded.

Three variations are available:
Light; ash wood with light grey concrete
Dark; ash wood with dark grey seat
tiger; partially smoked oak with light concrete

Available in two sizes. Customized sizes are available on request.
regular stool: 45 cm height
high stool: 75 cm height

oak or ash, concrete

Yosegi Light

The Yosegi table light is inspired by the Japanese wood working technique of the same name.

Each piece combines 158 elements of exquisite wood in its form.
Four different types of wood are used to create a distinct (Yosegi?)pattern that reemerges throughout the piece.

Elegant brass detailing refines the overall appearance.
A simple yet sophisticated cooling system allows thermal draft around the light source, which increases the life span of the LED by reducing its ambient temperature.

Elaborately crafted to contained perfection, the Yosegi light opposes the free flowing character of the ‘Tree Friend’ collection.

Available for pre-order.

Wood; ash (white), beech (tan), shorea (red) & wenge (black), brass
Light source: LED 5 W 24V
size: 45 cm height, 40 cm length, 30 cm width

photographs by


“Chain Reaction” is a kinetic installation.
Its framework holds a clothes dryer engine, that drives the wooden crown angle gear attached to a conveyor belt.

material: beech, spruce, steel, clothes dryer engine, fan belts, tarpaulin
year: 2013

photographs by

Bodyreactor Mod-2

Fellow designer and artist Dik Scheepers & me built this modular capsule called Mod-2.
It was the basic element during a workshop called ‘The Spaceship’.

The capsule consists of 20 beds, 20 chairs and 21 Tables which can be taken apart and purposed individually.

BODYREACTOR is developed as part of SEAD (Space Ecologies Art and Design), a master project initiated by Angelo Vermeulen and Tine Holvoet.  Vermeulen and Holvoet want to introduce theater students to the complexity of human corporeality in outer space. The Artist invite the students to explore new ideas within their personal creative practices housing within the Bodyreactor.

year: 2011
Brussels | Belgium

The Bears

“The Bears” is a sculpture placed in the Waldecker park in Maastricht (NL).
This sculpture is also a playground and invites children and adults alike to play.

Until mid nineties there was an enclosure with with real brown bears. They were on display for the public near the playground, where the “Bears” are located now.
The emotions connected with the original bears and the cage are ambivalent.
People especially children loved the bears but the animals suffered a life in captivaty in a concrete prison.
Luckily awful enclosure has been abolished but the memory for the tragic stars, the bears, remained.
The sculpture “The Bears” resemble a mother with its young. The mother’s nose is pointing towards the original location of the enclosure. The shape of the bears is itself a cage using a tabular frame which can be used to climb and play.

This project was a postgraduate cooperation with Academy of Fine Arts Maatrsicht, Department Product design and the municipality of Maastricht.
Designers Involved:
Albertine Van Iterson, Jessica Bala, Dik Scheepers & Marco Iannicelli
Spereco NL

material: Stainless steel (powdercoated), concrete, shock absorbing artificial grass field.
year: 2011