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“Waldluft” is part of my Solo Exhibition in 2019 called ‘A Forest’ held at ‘Gravieranstalt’ in Aachen, Germany.
Waldluft can be translated with ‘forest breeze’.

Waldluft is a polygon structure with a triangular composition. The three ventilators in the structure create a buoyancy and lift up a dried maple leaf.

The leaf is held in place by three thin strings while the ventilators are turning. Yet the leaf can easily fall being disturbed by turbulence caused by opening doors, people moving around it or even by talking in its presence.
Consequently the balance and the uplift are fragile conditions.

The beauty of the dancing leaf in the air is something I observed in the garden of my studio.
There is a beautiful maple tree which actually donated the leaf for ‘Waldluft’. I was inspired in autumn 2018 as one of its leaves was dancing in the air.

Waldluft becomes automatically part of its’ environment and interacts with everybody and everything that influences the air stream.
I think this is a very important symbolism that entails how we may interact with nature in order to keep it in balance.
Simply by leaving it by itself and avoiding any disturbance. Our interactions with nature can be compared to the condition of a wound that heals much slower because it is consistently touched.

This consequently means that we need to reduce our disturbing interference with nature and stop the uncontrollable growth of our economy. It is time to use and reuse the resources we already exploited rather than exploiting even more.

Materials: Wood: MDF & Plywood, ventilators, nylon strings, dried maple leaf, white colour
Year: 2019

pictures by irrmischer



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