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Yosegi Light


The Yosegi table light is inspired by the Japanese wood working technique of the same name.

Each piece combines 158 elements of exquisite wood in its form.
Four different types of wood are used to create a distinct pattern that re-emerges throughout the piece.

Elegant brass detailing refines the overall appearance.
A simple yet sophisticated cooling system allows thermal draft around the light source, which increases the life span of the LED by reducing its ambient temperature.

Elaborately crafted to contained perfection, the Yosegi light opposes the free flowing character of the ‘Tree Friend’ collection.

Available for pre-order.

Wood; ash (white), beech (tan), shorea (red) & wenge (black), brass
Light source: LED 5 W 24V
size: 45 cm height, 40 cm length, 30 cm width

photographs by