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Snappy Tree Friend | charred with gold 23k


The Snappy Tree Friend is an unique floor light originating from the idea of turning a natural ‘Ready Made’ into a luxury interior collectible. This floor light combines love for nature with the idea of luxury. Each piece is hand made at your request from preserved branches. The branches, from previously felled trees, are collected in accordance with local forestry commission offices and private owners. Two years or more are needed to age the branch before it is processed and transformed into a light fixture. The aging process is the basis for the quality and exclusivity of this piece.

Each branch has inherent beauty and is carefully selected with an ingenious eye for balance. The movable head of the Snappy Tree Friend is an integral part of the piece, switching the light on and off. A number plate on each piece displays the geological coordinates of the donator tree, the serial number, and the date of production.

The Snappy Tree Friend is available in three finishes: natural, charred, and charred with 23 karat gold. Especially the third version emits a warm light, amplified and reflected by a 23 k gold layer. Additionally, we offer a table version called Little Tree Friend. To acquire your own unique Snappy Tree Friend, and other collectibles by Marco Iannicelli, contact our partner Mint Gallery.

materials: brass, wood from deciduous trees (e.g. oak, maple, hawthorn, birch,…)
size: 175-210 cm height
light source: LED 9 W 24V
supply voltage: 100-230 V
Year: numbered since 2022

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