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The Snappy Tree Friend is a Floor light using gathered scrap wood void.

The branches are collected in accordance with local forestry commission offices and private owners.
Twenty-four months or even more are needed to age the branch before it can be processed and transformed into a light. The long time is necessary to avoid cracks in the vital areas where the hinge is located.

The most challenging detail is the movable head that can be lowered and is an integral part of the whole branch. The movement of the head switches the light off and on.

Each piece is equipped with a number plate that shows the geological coordinates of the donator tree’s location, serial number and date of production.

materials: brass, wood from deciduous trees (e.g. oak, maple, hawthorn, birch,…)
size: 175-210 cm height
light source: LED 9 W 24V
supply voltage: 100-230 V
Year: numbered since 2013

photographs by