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This piece contradicts the concept of “form follows function” and carries also on deep psychological sentiments connected to the use of an item and to the philosophies of aesthetics and determinism.

What you perceive face value is a shape that resembles a table light cast completely out of wax. Attached to the Wax Lamp you find an electric cable with a switch. The Light bulb will radiate heat melting the wax around it allowing its light to aglow.

You can either keep the “form” or use the “function“. Consequently the concept of “form unfollows function” is applied.

In terms of philosophies of aesthetics one important aspect of emotionalism is caught up;
fear of loss.
The preciousness of beauty is defined by its finitude. The more difficult it is be kept and preserved the more precious it becomes.

This leads to the theory of determinism for the Wax Lamp.
Preserving or destroying is both a decision.

Material: black wax & light-bulb (230 V)
Size: 40 cm
Limited edition


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